Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'If Looks Could Kill' ...what went on....

We had a worrying, yet lovely time at 'If Looks Could Kill' last Saturday 25th Nov at Barbaablackchic, happy to meet old friends and especially new friends! And fellow Camera Obscura fans and pop friends! There weren't too much dancing earlier in the evening, but eventually, the pent-up kinetic pop energy was bursting at its seems and it really got going when the C86 and Sarah tunes came out, courtesy of DJ Sabri (now we know how to please you, you old fogeys! hahahahaha)

But first! Behind the scenes to 'If Looks Could Kill'...

These are the goodie bags that we prepared on our own, the stamping, inserting and eventually packing, it took 3 nights and that was how long i went without a bed :) Space is a premium around here!

The things you'll find in the goodie bags!

We are very proud of these balloons, as you can see :)

Now on to the party photos! :) Without further ado! Fruit Records Presents...'If Looks Could Kill'!!

That's it, folks! Till the next party! Stay tuned! 24th January 2007, a very special event!

Fruit Records would like to thank Barbaablackchic, event sponsors Celtic, EAT, Monik & Black Label//Red Label as well as all the media people who've helped us, especially Melanie & Eugene at 938Live.

See you soon!

much love,
fruit records

oh damn! wahhhhhh. i missed it. WWHHHYYYYYYYYYY?!@!?@!#$@#$
hey anything new happening?
i still want a balloon btw! =P
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